CETA Services

In an effort to meet its goals, CETA offers the following services to its member schools, programmes and individuals:

CETA Conferences and Workshops
CETA Sponsors conferences, workshops, consultations and training seminary throughout the region. There is the biennial consultation and local chapters also sponsor national seminars.

CETA, through its Accreditation Commission offers academic accreditation at Post-secondary and graduate levels. The purpose of this service is to
1) Stimulate the improvement of theological education by developing standards of excellence,
2) encourage self-evaluation, and
3) secure academic recognition wherever possible. The CETA Standards and Procedures for Accreditation is available upon request. Write to the Secretary-Treasurer for a copy.

Caribbean Graduate School of Theology
To fulfill its goals of promoting standards of excellence in preparing Caribbean Church leaders and Bible and theological teachers, CETA sponsors the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology (CGST). This institution was founded in 1986 in Kingston, Jamaica on the campus of the Jamaica Theological Seminary, it has since secured a property adjacent to the former campus. CGST is an interdenominational graduate level theological seminary offering Master of Arts and Master of Divinity Programs.

Library Development Programme
CETA administers a library development programme which provides library books to member institutions at 50% discount. More than 24 major international publishers cooperate in this service.

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology (CJET)
CJET is an annual academic journal designed to promote scholarly study and research and to provide a forum for the expression of facts, ideas and opinions from a Caribbean evangelical theological perspective, and to stimulate the application of this research to the Caribbean region.